update_attributes and validation

try with update_attributes! (which internally uses ‘save!’)

Sumanth Krishna wrote:

try with update_attributes! (which internally uses 'save!')

and 2028"
50 don 2000 $400

if I provide wrong input for one say year "1800" for "don" and correct
for "james bond" year as "2000" it updates James bond ,correctly but do
not show validation message for "don" on my page. I want to display
message how can i do that
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I have used update_attributes! it shows validation message

ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid in BookController#edit_book

Validation failed: Year should be a above 1900

on different page ,but i want that message must be displayed on same
page on top
my controller look like this

def edit_book
if request.post?
  # code for update data ie "update_attribute!" method
   @books = Book.find(:all)

and I have view named "edit_book.html.erb"