Catch validation errors from Model.update(params[:object].keys, params[:object].values)

Hi there

I'm trying to update three records at a time with params coming back
from an HTML form. The form is set up fine and the params hash is
coming back in a form ready to use:

Model.update(params[:object].keys, params[:object].values)

However, I can't catch the validation errors if the objects aren't

In my controller I have this:

if Discount.update(params[:discounts].keys, params
  flash[:notice_good] = "Discounts have been updated"
  redirect_to :action => 'index'
  flash[:notice_bad] = "Couldn't update discounts"
  redirect_to :action => 'index' and return false

I have <%= error_messages_for :discount %> in my view but can't seem
to display any validation errors.

Furthermore, it seems that my condtional "if Discount.update [...]
etc" fails if there are any errors in saving the updated data to the

Any clues on how to properly use Model.update with a params hash would
be appreciated.


I don't see why this should be working at all. If you take a look at
the documentation for ActiveRecord::Base.update (http:// it takes
two arguments. id and attributes, so you should really be calling the
method like this:

if Discount.update(params[:id], params[:discounts])
  flash[:notice_good] = "Discounts have been updated"
  redirect_to :action => 'index'
  flash[:notice_bad] = "Couldn't update discounts"
  redirect_to :action => 'index' and return false

Furthermore, you need to save the model in an instance variable in
order to display any error messages, *and* error messages will not be
saved from request to request, so you need to do a render instead of a

@discount = Discount.find(params[:id])
if @discount.update(params[:discount])
  flash[:notice] = "Discounts have been updated"
  redirect_to :action => "index"
  render :action => "new"

Put <%= error_messages_for :discount %> in new.html.erb.

I can recommend the book "Agile Web Development with Rails" from
Pragmatic Programmers to get started with Rails and get the hang of
all the concepts of the framework.

Read the docs again. It can update multiple objects and there;s even
an example in the docs.
update will return an array of the activerecord objects that it tried
to update, you can iterate over those and display errors for them, eg

error_message_for 'discount', :object =>

You don't want to redirect though.