unwanted line break

In using form helpers, where I specify:

<%= f.label "Amount $" %>
<%= f.text_field :amount %>

I get a line break between the label and the text field. How do I
precent that? Thanks, Rvince

Use “-” at the end of the code in the view, like this:
<%= f.label “Amount $” -%>
<%= f.text_field :amount -%>

...or the LABEL or TEXTAREA (or both) being declared as a block
element in the CSS.

Robert Walker wrote:

Wait... Do you mean that you're getting a unwanted line break in the
HTML source, or on the rendered web page? <%= -%> will prevent line
break characters in the underlying HTML source code, but that line break
character should not generate a new line in the rendered HTML. That
should require a <br /> tag.

Small nitpick: in the rendered HTML, you'd actually need a <br> tag.
<br /> is XHTML syntax, and is not actually valid HTML 4.