Preserving whitespace & line breaks

I have a text field that submits stuff to my database. When I display
this data, it no longer has line breaks, everything is just in one big
row. How can I preserve my whitespace and line breaks?

It won't keep it from crunching multiple spaces into one though... if you really need it as is, wrap it in <pre> or <code> or convert all the spaces to &nbsp;....


Philip Hallstrom wrote:

sanitize? I'm using it now to process output text but line breaks are
still screwed.


Sorry, wasn't very clear on that...

Returns text transformed into HTML using very simple formatting rules Surrounds paragraphs with <p> tags, and converts line breaks into <br/> Two consecutive newlines(\n\n) are considered as a paragraph, one newline (\n) is considered a linebreak, three or more consecutive newlines are turned into two newlines