Unreachable database

Hi guys!

I got an app that uses a remote SQL server database, this remote server is sometimes unavailable and i have no control over it.

The app only uses the database to do stuff after login in with devise. But if the database is is down i cant even start the server as it just tried to start the connection pool.

Is there anyway i can get the static pages to still work when the database is not working? I cant seem to find anything about this which is odd as servers and networks are often unstable.


Expecting a web *application* to start normally while it's missing a
significant component seems odd to me :slight_smile:

In any case, while you could probably do some hideous hackery to
ignore the initialization failure, why not just configure your front-end
server (nginx, httpd, whatever) to serve the static pages directly?


Thanks for your reply Hassan,

yeah i kinda forgot about the front end server as its just under development. That would do indeed, i just thought there would be a more graceful way to handle this from the app side :slight_smile: