uninitialized constant Delayed::Job (NameError)

hi I am implementing delayed_job in my rails app.
my code is:
file name is: my_worker.rb

require “delayed_job”
require “rubygems”

class MyClass

def perform

while true do

  puts "I am in My class!!!"
  sleep 2




Delayed::Job.enqueue( MyClass.new )

when i am executing this(ruby my_worker.rb ) file it gives me error like “uninitialized constant Delayed::Job (NameError)”

what should i do?
My platform is :windows 7
Rails version: 3.0.6
Ruby : 1.9.2

The Delayed::Job constant is defined dynamically when the delayed job backend is setup by Delayed::Worker.guess_backend (it selects ActiveRecord as your backend if ActiveRecord is defined) or by Delayed::Worker.backend = [back end].

The rspec tests use the latter method to setup the back end while the initialization defined by the Delayed::Railtie does the former for you when rails is initialized.

So, you need to run your code in the context of rails or manually do the setup yourself. Try:

rails runner path/to/my_worker.rb