Logging form delayed job class

I have asked this before without any luck, trying again.

this is what I have in my dj.rb initializer

Delayed::Worker.backend = :active_record Delayed::Worker.logger = Rails.logger #Delayed::Worker.logger = ActiveSupport::BufferedLogger.new("log/ ##{Rails.env}_delayed_jobs.log", Rails.logger.level) class Delayed::Job     def logger         Delayed::Worker.logger     end end if JobsCommon::check_job_exists("PeriodicJob").blank?     Delayed::Job.enqueue PeriodicJob.new(), 0, Constants::PROCESS_FREQ.from_now end #end

This is my job class

class PeriodicJob     def perform         this.logger.info "Periodic job writing #{Time.now}" # Rails.logger.info "Periodic job writing #{Time.now}"         if JobsCommon::check_job_exists("PeriodicJob").blank?             Delayed::Job.enqueue PeriodicJob.new(), 0, Constants::VOTE_PROCESS_FREQ.from_now         end     end end

the job fails with the error message

2010-08-09T13:29:59-0700: [Worker(delayed_job host:ubuntu pid:8941)] acquired lock on PeriodicJob 2010-08-09T13:29:59-0700: [Worker(delayed_job host:ubuntu pid:8941)] PeriodicJob failed with NameError: undefined local variable or method `logger' for #<PeriodicJob:0x7f5670e12580> - 1 failed attempts 2010-08-09T13:29:59-0700: [Worker(delayed_job host:ubuntu pid:8941)] 2 jobs processed at 8.4739 j/s, 2 failed ...

I am sure this has been done before.

Please help.