Unify method to detect Gemfile names

Hi All,

I’m wondering if there is a good way to get more attention for this fairly old pull request to allow spring to detect both Gemfile and gems.rb as valid Gemfiles?

Here’s information from the bundler team on why they introduced the name change:

The suggested patch and also review by @JuPlutonic seem sound, and I’ve used the changes locally on projects for a few years now.

I know Rails itself already supports the gems.rb file, so it’d be great to see supporting gems follow suit.

On an aside, Travis-CI, Gemnasium (when it was still that) both worked to incorporate the changes, and I’m believe other services in the Rails ecosystem have matured enough to support the new naming convention.

Thanks for reading!


@remomueller (github)

PS: Wasn’t sure if “Ruby on Rails: Core” is the appropriate place for this, if not, let me know where this information could be better posted.