Unified Controller Usage Convention ?


I was wondering if there is a convention or best practices of using controllers. I've read the Agile Book, the E-commerce book, the Recipes book, numerous articles, blogs and viewed some of the available screencasts, and it seems that everyone treats controllers in a different way. which leads me to believe that maybe it doesn't matter.

Has DHH or any of the Rails core team identified any conventions on how they should be implemented, or vocalized that it doesn't matter, or that it's a personal pref's or a design issue ...

I suspect that this has been discussed before, so if it has, could someone point me to the blog or paper or whatever ... or just give me the low down.



Yes they have: http://www.loudthinking.com/arc/000593.html

Also take a look at the "REST and resources" section on this page:

You picked a good time to become interested in controller design.