undefined method `paginate' for #<Class:0x​567eb98> in Rails Tutorial


I’m getting a undefined method `paginate’ for #Class:0x567eb98 even though I have gem ‘will_paginate’ installed.

Inside the users_controller I have @users = User.paginate(page: params[:page])
so I believe I set everything up to be correct.

Can you figure out why the method’s undefined, despite installing the gem?

Which version of Rails are you using? If Rails 2 have you referenced
will_paginate in environment.rb, if rails 3 have you put it in your
Gemfile and run bundle install?


I’m using Rails 3 and I’ve ran bundle install and put it in my Gemfile.

I’m using Rails 3 and I’ve ran bundle install and put it in my Gemfile.

And you restarted the app after doing this?


I'm using Rails 3 and I've ran bundle install and put it in my Gemfile.

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Hopefully you mean that you have put it in Gemfile and run bundle install :slight_smile:
What does it show for paginate in Gemfile.lock?

Copy/paste the full error output here and the section of the
controller file containing the line giving the problem. Give us a
line number in the file so we can cross reference to the error.


Gemfile.lock says

bootstrap-will_paginate (0.0.9)


will_paginate (3.0.4)

under GEM

will_paginate (= 3.0.4)

under dependencies.

I restarted the app using rails server and it didn’t work, but when I restarted my computer it started to work.

Thanks for your help.

I am a little late in discussion but I’ve the solution to the problem :slight_smile:

If you are using rails 4 then try this.

@users = User.all.paginate(page: params[:page]

Note that User.all will be an ActiveRelation on which paginate method works.

If you are using rails 3 then try this.

@users = User.where('').paginate(page: params[:page])

The reason to use an empty where is because where will return the ActiveRelation which is more efficient instead of loading an array using User.all.

Note that User.all will return ActiveRelation in rails 4 and in rails 3 it will return an Array.