Umm... pretty much lost

I believe I should have done everything correct here. I have a
user_controller. I am trying to add a login method, so I add:

  # GET /users/login
  def login
    if and params[:user]
      @user =[:user])
      user =
      if user
        session[:user_id] =
        flash[:notice] = "Welcome online, #{@user}"
        #redirect_to :action => "show"
        redirect_to :action => "index"
        #remove Password from the view
        @user.password = nil
        flash[:notice] = "Invalid username/password combination."



Then I create in /views/users/ the file called login.rhtml.

But for some reason, whenever I go to /public/users/login, Rails
thinks login is supposed to be a userid, and so it takes me to my
show.rhtml and show action. The login.rhtml page comes up when I use /
public/users/login/[anything], though... so why does it not recognize
it as a proper action? It insteads thinks show is the action by
default when a userid is present. Any ideas?

I'm guessing you're using RESTful routes, is that true?

It appears that way... seems to have been the default that happened
after scaffolding. So, I added this line to my index.rhtm:

<%= link_to 'Login', login_user_path %>

And got a no method error of some sort, so I tried this:

<%= link_to 'Login', :controller => "users", :action => "login" %>

and that makes a link that doesn't work. I checked routes.rb, and
there is nothing in there about users other than the standard
"map.resources :users".

Use 'rake routes' to get information on the route mappings. If you've
got a resource called 'users' defined in routes.rb, then 'rake routes'
will show you something like this:

user GET /users/:id
{:action=>"show", :controller=>"users"}

This means that a 'GET' request to a URL of the form /users/login will
treat the '/login' part as a user id and will call the 'show' action
of the 'users' controller. Which is exactly the behavior you're
getting. If you want to define a 'login' action for users that works
on the whole collection, then you need to add something like this to

map.resources :users, :collection => {:login => :get}

But then when I submit the form it thinks I'm supposed to be pointed
to the create action, instead of the :login action... so I tried to

map.resources :users, :collection => {:login => :post}

But that didn't work. How do I do that part?

I probably have to change this part somehow:

<% form_for(:user, :url => users_path) do |f| %>

<% form_for(:user, :url => users_path) do |f| %>

or, simply <% form_for @user do |f| %> (as long as @user ==

will point to the create action

You need to point it to the login path:

<% form_for :user, :url => login_user_path, :method => :get do |f| %>

With this mapped resource:

map.resources :users, :collection => { :login => :get }