two versions of show.html.erb

Can i have two versions of show.html.erb for the same model.Is it possible.

Where would you plan on putting two files with the same name? You can embed erb (if then else) in the file to make it do different things in a different situation.


First note that views do not relate directly to models, they relate to controllers. A controller does not necessarily map directly to a model. So more correctly you should have asked whether you can have two show views for the same controller.

The strict answer is no, but in order to suggest the best alternative let us know 1. Under what circumstances do you want to show the different view? 2. How different are the views?

By the way, I notice that the last time you asked a question here several people made suggestions but you did not reply. It is not good manners to ask for help and then not offer thanks when it is provided.