two instances of a controller?

I guess for the private guess book one needs to login. Then you'll
select the guess book for the logged in user. In the public guess
book, one just enters their information and all entries can be saved
to a default user. Well, that's all there is too it.

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Data is not stored in a controller it is stored in the database, using a model. Is it that you want two tables with the two guestbooks in it? That does not sound like the best solution.

I still don’t understand what you mean by two guestbooks. If all you want is for different users to see different data then have one guestbook but select the records based on the user. If you want the second book to be selected by a different url you could just pass a parameter to the controller (in the url) to select the records. There are probably numerous ways, it all depends what exactly you are trying to achieve.

Or perhaps what you want is a table guest_books with one record for each book. Then the data is in a table guest_book_entries where GuestBook has_many GuestBookEntries and GuestBookEntries belongs_to GuestBook.