turn off model pre-loading in production environment?


How can i turn off model pre-loading in production environment so that
the app loads the code the exact same way as in the development
environment? Thanks!

Or how can i preload a controller at startup? Or make sure the
controller loads before the models...

Preload the controller? Could you please give an example

In the dev env, when i go to the localhost from the browser (i use
testing.site.com, i changed the hosts settings), first the weborb code
is loaded and then the code in the models is loaded. But in the
production env it is the other way around, when i go to
testing.theprodsite.com, first the model files are pre-loaded and then
the controllers are loaded but i need to use the request function
available only in the controller and i need the function before the
models are loaded... lemme know if its still unclear. Thanks!

Ok i was able to run the production env as development by changing
stuff in config/environments/testing.rb so its ok now