trouble invoking dispatch.rb via cgi on IIS5

Howdy folks. I'm trying to get a rails app running behind IIS5. Yes, I
know, I know, but my hands are tied. After much banging my head against
FastCGI and friends, I've decided to try to get it working using vanilla
CGI first and then maybe attempt something more ambitious.

I mapped .rb to 'c:\ruby\bin\rubyw.exe "%s" %s' in IIS's Application
Configuration, Application Mappings dialog, making sure to uncheck the
"Check that file exists" box. Thereafter, I tried to hit one of my
applications' URLs through dispatch.rb:


and sadly, I get this stacktrace:

CGI Error
The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set
of HTTP headers. The headers it did return are:

Status: 400 Bad Request

rt/dependencies.rb:399:in `to_constant_name': Anonymous modules have no
name to be referenced by (ArgumentError)
rt/dependencies.rb:211:in `qualified_name_for'
rt/dependencies.rb:470:in `const_missing'
  from C:/sites/npl/public/dispatch.rb:10

I'm using rails-1.2rc1 with ruby-1.8.4, winxpsp2, iis5. Any suggestions?

- donald

I've never tried this, but the things to check are:

1) What's in your path under IIS and what version of Ruby does it point to?
2) Does your shebag #! line in dispatch.cgi point to someplace other than

Let everyone know in case we need to deploy under IIS.

Ball, Donald A Jr (Library) wrote: