Trouble getting started


I am brand new to Rails and trying to get up it and running on Linux Mint 21. I followed the Getting Started Guide on this site. This is what I got:

As you can see, only 4 files were created after entering “rails new blog” at the command line: Gemfile Rakefile

No bin/, no app/, nothing that I actually need to get started. What is going on here?

Any help and guidance will be sincerely appreciated!

I guess your OS is missing git. Depending on your distro the command differs, but it should be easy to install.

PD: Very uncommon not having git installed these days.

Got it. Thank you so much!

Even it is uncommon not to have git, it should be in the list of requirements.

@hackit, probably nice start for you in Open Source Rails world and add an PR to change it? :slight_smile: So, all after, will not have the same problem.

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