Transaction::Simple 1.4.0 Released

After nearly two years, Transaction::Simple 1.4.0 has been released.

Transaction::Simple provides a generic way to add active transaction support to objects. The transaction methods added by this module will work with most objects, excluding those that cannot be Marshal-ed (bindings, procedure objects, IO instances, or singleton objects).


== Transaction::Simple 1.4.0 / 2007.02.03

* Adding a post-rewind hook (#_post_transaction_rewind) so that complex   graph objects can correct themselves after rewinding. See the   documentation for #rewind_transaction and tests/tc_broken_graph.rb for   more information. * Removed all warnings. * Deprecated the #transaction method. * Various administrative changes:   - Converted to a hoe-driven project.   - Made the gem and .tar.gz files idempotent.   - Cleaned up the code a little further.   - Changed non-gem installer to setup.rb version 3.4.1.