db transactions problem after transaction-simple gem is installed

HI All,

I have run into a problem.

I have a rails 1.1.6 setup. I also have the following gems installed

        pdf-writer-1.1.3.gem         color-tools-1.3.0.gem         transaction-simple-1.4.0.gem

Upon running the tests "rake test:functionals" all my testcases with DB transactions failed. Upon investigations it was found that transaction-simple was at work. Is there anyway to circumvent this?

This behaviour repeated when we tested the application manually also.

Any help in this direction will be appreciated most.

Cheers, Ajay

Rails 1.2.5! Although Transaction::Simple (1.3) is loaded into ActiveRecord/vendor, transactions are tagged as deprecatedh This ignores my gem (1.4) Why load an older version, if it is not to be used?