Trac etiquette for old tickets

What's the trac etiquette for tickets that are apparently being ignored? Do we just assume that the core team will get around to examining all unclosed tickets eventually, or do they want us to bump ones that we're still interested in?

Bumping sometimes helps, but I don’t think they prefer it. Maybe they don’t like how the patch looks, what it does … ? Maybe it doesn’t have enough test coverage? Maybe the patch is too old and its author should remake the diff against latest trunk?

When the patch is good but ignored anyway, maybe it’s title or description are bad. Posting on this ML also helps raise awareness about those.

I'd say more likely that the patch isn't immediately useful to whatever core member took a look, if they had time to take a look. They aren't omniscient and really, who has time to take a look at all the tickets that come across?

Bump it on here if you care. If you really care, keep bumping until you get a response.