Lead developer for startup company

Job Description I-Vita is a startup founded by two Stanford MBA graduates and is looking for a qualified programmer in the website/database/algorithm space (LAMP solution) to complete our team. We are looking for a developer (ideally with Ruby on Rails or Python/Django experience) who can architect our website and integrate it with Ecommerce capabilities and an outside API. The perfect candidate should be comfortable making key decisions from an engineering standpoint, and able to run with them. Most importantly he or she should be excited to join a startup.

Qualifications * Knowledge of or experience with algorithms * Knowledge of databases and search engines engineering * Scripting and programming skills (Phyton, Perl, PHP) * Preferably some experience with visual design eg Photoshop, and basic knowledge of PSD->HTML/CSS

Preferred Skills * B.S. in computer science or equivalent * Experience with search technologies and methodologies

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Applying for the Job Please submit your resume via email to Robert Vreeman at r.vreeman@i- vita.com