to_json on array of hashes


I need to convert my array of hashes to json:

                 edu_items.each do |edu|
          @education[i] = { "degree" => "xxx",
          "major" => "xxx",
          "name" => "yyy",
                 "start_date" => "Xxxx",
          "end_date" => "xxx",
                            "notes" => "xxxx" }
                      i = i + 1

Number of items in edu_items can vary, but the number of fields in each
item is fixed and are defined in that loop. All values are strings.

I want to convert the formed array of hashes to json so that i can pass
them down to a form and get them back too.

I was using : @education.to_json(nil,1) to do so. But it fails if number
of items increase. I feel it gets truncated or something..not sure

Can someone advise me ?