AJAX: send JSONified ruby-array back to client problem

Hi All

I'm trying to send a ruby-array back to a browser (its an AJAX call and I'm converting the array using to_json)

Here is the controller/action part:

respond_to do |format|        ......        format.js { # AJAX call           a = [{}] # an array with an hash           a[0]['xyz'] = 'abc'           a[1] = 'test1'           a[2] = 'test2'           render :text => a.to_json         }      end

Client side: When the AJAX call finishes it calls the following function:

ajax_onSucces: function(receiveReq) {     // convert the json object to an js-array (I'll probably go wrong here)     var response = eval("(" + receiveReq.responseText + ")");     alert("resp=" + response) ;     for( var i in response ) {       alert(" val=" + i ) ;     } },

I see the following text in the alert-boxes:

resp=[object Object],test1,test2 val=0 val=1 val=2 val=each val=eachSlice val=all etc etc

So, what I expected to see was

resp=[object Object],test1,test2 val=[object Object] val=test1 val=test2

Any suggestion where I go wrong ? (or maybe some links to learn more about this subject)

Thnx a lot LuCa