to create a form without scaffold with rails 2.3.8

to create a form without scaffold command sholud v write the same code in all the files that is created when scaffold is used.
no idea on thread Mr.Colin…

i did it as follows
rake Courses -d mysql
set the pw in database.yml file
rake db:create:all
script/generate controller student
script/generate model information
in migrate file included the attributes name regno section percentage and saved the file

not getting what next???

Run the migration (rake db:migrate) to make the table. Then write
the view files to show what you want to show
(views/students/new.html.erb for example)

Since I think you are missing some of the fundamentals about how Rails
is used I suggest that you work through some tutorials to get a better
idea of what to do. The free-to-use-online tutorial at is good. It may seem that the result of the
tutorial is not what you want to write but you will learn the
fundamentals of Rails and then be able to answer yourself the question
'what next???'