To all TextMate users that wants to run tests with cmd + r in Rails 2.1 and above.

Because the require 'test_helper' at the top of all the tests is
relative now (it used to be something like require '../test_helper'),
you can't just run the file with ruby anymore. And running the file
with ruby is exactly what command + r does. Which means you can't
easily run your tests from textmate.

The solution: It's just a shellscript. So
yeah, it doesn't fix the textmate issue. It does however makes it
easy to run either all tests, all unit/functional/integration tests,
or a single test, from the command line. Which is sorta OK, you
probably have a terminal sitting there doin' nothing anyway.


* rtest unit - runs all unit
* rtest unit post - runs the unit test for the 'post'
* rtest unit post comment foo - runs those tests,
* rtest functional - you guessed
* rtest integration - blows up your computer

or you could be running autotest and know that yr tests are passing without 1. having to press any additional keystrokes, 2. without having to remember to press any additional keystrokes, 3. wondering if that fix you just implemented and tested broke anything in any other tests.

my name is Russell Norris and i agree with this message.