Time to fix PartialRenderer#partial_path

For the longest time PartialRenderer#partial_path has prefixed the
prefix of the current controller when it is nested in a module. This
hasn't been a problem (because nesting controllers wasn't that common)
but with 3.1 striving for better engine support, this problem is now
larger because all of your controllers for an engine will be nested
and it makes doing <%= render @thing %> in your code (and anybody
else's) extremely tedious and impossible without specifying
the :partial to use.

Normally this function grabs the partial to use with
model_name.partial_path which is great for default views (things/
_thing.html.erb) but as soon as you call it from a controller that is
nested it ends up giving you a path like controller_namespace/things/
_thing.html.erb. I can see the advantage of that (if you want
different partial for @thing in your admin namespace) but I think the
disadvantage of being unable to reuse your partials is too big
(especially with other code using your engine).

module Foo
  class Engine < Rails::Engine; isolate_namespace Foo; end
  class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base; end
  class Thing < ActiveRecord::Base; end
=> "foo/foo/things/thing"

I believe the solution should be to change the default behaviour or at
least provide an option to stop rails from prefixing the partial_path.

I agree. We recently went through this and it was a bit weird. We were calling
<%= render @object %> inside a Foo::BarsController and Rails looked for
'foo/objects/_object', that was not our intention.

We were indeed looking for an option like that.