three RoR pos, paying $200k for top talent

Hi. I have three PERM Ruby positions, willing to pay up to $200k for
top talent available now. I'm not just surfin' the net for the heck
of it... REAL JOBS! maybe it should RiR... Ruby is Real, rather than

Calllllll me... I'm friendly, and I love Ruby users! My company is an
exciting gaming platform that has the latest and greatest tech... cool
environment in California.

Katy H.
415-691-9709 cell

Hello Katy:

Please mention if remote employment from India is possible once you can connect with the developers on skype during the working time and hence you can monitor directly.

Please reply!


We have worked on many complex ROR apps.

We are interested to work with you.

Please email me: | Skype: murtaza52-sipl

We are ready to discuss it further.


Remote is not available at this time. Thanks. Where are you located? They will cover part of relocation, but not sponsorship.


katy H.