threadsafe! & engines

I'm having a problem with rails 2.3.2, engines, and eager loading.
There is a default set of eager_load_paths (the usual suspects under
app/) that will be greedily required by rails at boot time when you're
running with threadsafe! on, and of course you can append your own
custom paths. However, so far as I can tell, engines are never
eagerly loaded and therefore unavailable when the system is running in
threadsafe! mode.

First, I'd like to know if I'm missing something. I looked through
the plugin loader, found the code that loads the engines, and could
not discover how, if at all, it attempts to eager load them. I also
explored the rails initializer in railties, found the eager loading
code, and didn't see anything related to plugins there.

So far as workarounds go it appears subclassing the plugin loader is
the best option. If there is a better approach, I'm interested.

Your help is greatly appreciated,

-Tyler Jennings

Pinged core, it's a bug.