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i’m using solar server in my app, in my model

class Resume < ActiveRecord::Base require ‘rexml/document’ include REXML

acts_as_solr :fields => [:firstname, :lastname] end

but while reindexing ,having the following error

Requiring REXML Clearing index for Resume… rake aborted! Couldn’t connect to the Solr server at undefined method `closed?’ for nil:NilClass,

can anyone help me

You need to run this with --trace and look at the stack trace; that "couldn't connect" error message is very misleading :slight_smile:

Can you point a browser to ? Normally solr is set up at 8983, do you have a typo there? Also, if you are just starting with solr, I'd recommend the rsolr gem instead. It is actively being maintained.

Thanks, i usen sunspot instead of solar…

Thanks, i used sunspot instead of solar…