This is not the error: ActionView::MissingTemplate

Hey everyone,

I am getting the following error:

Started POST “/rubyamf/gateway” for at 2011-11-24 16:27:20 +1300

Processing by RubyamfController#gateway as /

Processing by ProjectsController#templates as /

←[1m←[36mProject Load (1.0ms)←[0m ←[1mSELECT projects.* FROM projects ←[0


Completed 200 OK in 34ms (Views: 3.0ms | ActiveRecord: 28.0ms)

Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 267ms

ActionView::MissingTemplate (Missing template rubyamf/gateway with {:handlers=>[

:erb, :builder, :coffee], :formats=>[:html, :text, :js, :css, :ics, :csv, :xml,

:rss, :atom, :yaml, :multipart_form, :url_encoded_form, :json, :amf], :locale=>[

:en, :en]}. Searched in:

  • “C:/work/Flex-Planner/schneider-planner-source/App_Server_Update/app/views”


Rendered C:/Ruby193/lib/ruby/gems/1.9.1/gems/actionpack-3.1.1/lib/action_dispatc

h/middleware/templates/rescues/missing_template.erb within rescues/layout (1.0ms


[2011-11-24 16:27:20] ERROR Errno::ECONNABORTED: An established connection was a

borted by the software in your host machine.

C:/Ruby193/lib/ruby/1.9.1/webrick/httpserver.rb:80:in `eof?’

C:/Ruby193/lib/ruby/1.9.1/webrick/httpserver.rb:80:in `run’

C:/Ruby193/lib/ruby/1.9.1/webrick/server.rb:191:in `block in start_threa


RubyAMF >>>>>>>>> #RubyAMF::Actions::PrepareAction:0x3eb2c18 took: 0.

00000 secs

RubyAMF >>>>>>>>> #RubyAMF::Actions::RailsInvokeAction:0x3eb2bb8 took

: 0.00000 secs

Can you post a complete stack trace? Not a RubyAMF expert by any means, but the only logical way I can see to get this error would be for something to go wrong in the RubyAmfController#gateway method:

If an exception occurred in that method, the rescue block would result in the behavior you've described (it doesn't render - FFS, it doesn't LOG. Somebody should be fired.)

--Matt Jones

Hi Matt,

I found where the error was.

In the RubyAMF config file I was calling 2 methods that I had disabled.

I appreciate the reply,