The Price of Ajax


I am using the output_compression plugin. But tests I have run suggest
that static content, like javascripts, do not get gzip compressed.

Is there a "clean" way to improve this situation, where "clean" means
still doing things the rails way and not going off into my own custom
optimizations? Or is this just the way it is?

You may like to look at the Unobtrusive Javascript (UJS) Plugin [1].

From the quickstart guide: "The main purpose of UJS is to help you

remove the JavaScript that normally litters your HTML pages and put it
all away in a neat external JavaScript file that can be cached by the

It also encourages one to create a working application without
JavaScript, and then layer on the JavaScript to enrich the interface.
So the app works well for anyone, such as your modem users, who may
have JavaScript disabled.

Hope that helps,
Andy Stewart