Unobtrusive JavaScript For Rails - new website, new release

Hi All,

Just a quick note to let you know about our latest release (0.3) and
the new website ( which has documentation and
tutorials. More will be added over the coming weeks. 0.3 is a big
release for the plugin, not just because of the new site but also
because of the large amount of new features. From the ujs4rails blog:

* FIXED: Problems with rake:unobtrusive_javascript:install (ticket #12
on old trac)
* FIXED: Problems with back button (result of caching feature) (ticket
#10 on old trac)
* Refactored a lot of the code and increased test coverage significantly
* NEW: Out-of-the box caching using HTTP ETags and advanced behaviour
* NEW: Apply multiple behaviours at once with apply_behaviours
* NEW: Behaviour helpers to easily and unobtrusively apply
scriptaculous effects
* UPDATED: Updated lowpro.js library
* UPDATED: Added :external option support to tag_options
* NEW: :prevent_default option to cancel original event behaviour such
as link following and form submission


Looks great!

I noticed on the quickstart guide you forgot the “install” commadn in the script/plugin command.


This a very much needed contributions!

Its nice that the plugin finaly has its own site with docs. Awsome job.