text_field_with_auto_complete without a model


is this possible? basically, i have a simple search text box whose contents i want to send to my server to suggest a query. that suggested query will be in turn retrieved from a 3rd party API. I cannot figure out for the life of me how to use text_field_with_auto_complete without a model. basically, i want a text_field_tag and NOT a text_field to have autocomplete functionality with my own custom controller method.

thanks for any help, dino

I found the answer- you put a text_field_tag in first and then the autocomplete div, and then auto_complete_field

          <%= auto_complete_field "text_box_id", :url => {:action => 'auto_complete'}, :method => "GET" %>

(the method part fixes the invalid token problem)

hope this helps someone down the road.