Testing Rails with changed model

Hi there,

I have a model with following methods:

Permalink instead of ID

before_create do |article|
article.permalink = _permalink

def to_param

  • permalink is a field in the database

Ok, but when i try to run tests the permalink is not created, but my controllers find the object by the permalink attribute, and this is nil in the tests
maybe the

@article = articles(:one)

does not create the permalink because it is not in the fixtures, and I do not want to have it there.

How can I deal with that?


Callbacks are not called when fixtures are saved (which is before the
test is run) and @article=articles(:one) does not create the record so
it is not called then either. If you don't want to put it in the
fixtures then you could put something in setup() in the test class, or
before the specific tests that require it.