Testing Couchbase with Rails

Hey all,

I am a senior dev who is new to Ruby / Rails. I’ve recently been hired into a legacy code base that uses Couchbase and has disabled ActiveRecord.

I’m looking for tips, resources, anything at all on writing performant testing with Rails and NoSql databases.

We are using RSpec with FactoryBot as the primary testing infrastructure.

The biggest things I’m looking for are:

  1. Are there any particular gotchas to be aware of?
  2. How best can we go about getting tests to run concurrently? Will lacking ActiveRecord be a hindrance there?
  3. Is there something I should be asking that I’m not?

I’m getting the impression that whoever made this decision picked a very unorthodox route in building this rails project. With both that, and that I’m new to rails, I feel like I’m trying to just figure out what I should even be asking or looking for.