RSpec & ActiveRecord without Rails


I’m building a Gem which should run a server in the background, since it’ll have only one page, I chose Sinatra but I can’t live without ActiveRecord (Who can, heh?) so I chose to use it as the ORM for the project, however I ran into a few issues running the tests because the database doesn’t seem to be emptied up before each example, so I added a bit of a hack in the config.before(:each) of Rspec (code here) to empty it by hand before each example.

I tried include most of rspec/rails (code here, same file as above), only the code related to models, I set config.use_transactional_fixtures to true and false, it doesn’t seem to help, how is it done in Rails? I couldn’t find the code responsible for this…

Best Regards,
Wael Nasreddine