temporary database entries

Hi !
I'm using an external api (themoviedb) to retrieve movies informations.
The user type the name of the movie, the application fetch a list of
movies. Then the user pick the right movie from the list and the movie
is saved to the database.

I don't know much about redis but I wonder if using redis for
temporarily store the list of movies and then store the right movie
(chosen by the user) to postgres database ?

Or maybe there is a better way to acheive my goal ?

What *is* your goal? The scenario described doesn't require you to
"store" the movie list anywhere.

Do you need to insure a fresh list every time? If not, then yes, some
kind of local storage makes sense, either volatile (e.g. memcached)
or persistent (e.g. redis).

Right, I don't need to store the list of movies in the database.
Here is the scenario:
1 - The user search a movie by the name
2 - I render a list of movies with various informations (like director,
actors) fetched from the external API. And yes I need the list to be
fresh every time.
3 - The user pick a movie from the list
4 - I store the informations, of the movie the user choose, in the
database so the user can consult these informations latter.

I'm stuck on how to achieve the step 4.

- I could make another request to the API for the selected movie but I
want to minimize API's requests.
- I could extract movie details from the view. I don't know if it's
truly possible but I doesn't seem quite right anyway.
- I could store the movie details from the step 2 and delete all
informations I don't need latter.
- I could use volatile memory to store movie details from step 2, and
then store the movie the user choose in the database.

I thought the latest option was the more appropriate.

I hope I'm more clear this time.

You're writing all this data to a view anyway; why not just make each
entry a form with that movie's data? Choose, click button, submitted
and done. No additional API call, no need for temporary "storage".

I'm not used to web technologies and the different possibilities. I'll
examine further this solution.

Thank you Hassan Schroeder