Template being ignored when attaching pdf in e-mail

The following code attaches my pdf with success. However, my e-mail
template is not being rendered in the e-mail. Any idea's why my
template is ignored?

require 'pdf/writer'
class NotifierRequest < ActionMailer::Base

  def inforequest(name, email, notice_request, message)
    @subject = 'Notice'
    @body = {:name => name, :email => email, :notice_request
=> notice, :message => message}
    @recipients = email
    @from = "test@test.com"
    @sent_on = Time.now
    @content_type = "text/html"

    attachment :content_type => "application/pdf", :filename =>
"notice.pdf", :transfer_encoding => "send_pdf" do |a|
      a.body = generate_pdf(notice_request)

  def generate_pdf(notice_request)

      pdf = PDF::Writer.new(:paper => "LETTER")
      pdf.select_font 'Times-Roman'

      pdf.text "HELLO WORLD", :font_size => 17, :justification
=> :center

      pdf.render :filename => 'NoticeRequest.pdf', :type =>