Taking the RoR plunge

I’ve been programming with .Net for awhile now. Last fall i attended the Lone Star Ruby Conference, and ever since then i have been thinking of devoting all of my efforts to learning Ruby and Ruby on Rails. The big question is how the future of Ruby is looking? What is needed to succeed in this language?

thanks, Jason

I am also thinking about the feature of Ruby??


I was an ASP and ASP.NET developer for several years too. I switched to Ruby nearly 2 years ago and have been amazingly more happy and productive since. The language and tools are much more expressive and powerful. AJAX and Javascript through RJS is stupid simple. Check out the http://www.Rubyology.com podcast to help with your transition!

Cheers, Chris Matthieu

Excellent website (Rubyology), thanks for the link. It’s time to make the switch. Tomorrow night i’m going to the local ruby on rails user groups.