Swfobject rails 2.3.2 - get session vars

i set up Swfobject and it works well, but there is a problem: i'm not
able to get sessions vars through Swfobject upload requests.
Swfobject seems to create another session_id record in the table, so i
lose my variables such as session[:user_id] etc...

In "new.html.erb", i wrote:

  upload_url : '<%= swfupload_documents_path %>?_Docs_session=<%=
request.session_options[:id] %>&authenticity_token=<%=
form_authenticity_token %>',

and in "DocumentsController", there is:
protect_from_forgery :except => :swfupload

can anyone help me please?

Thank you very much.



I haven't used this particular component, but I'm fairly sure that you
can't just put the session id into the URL like that; it's typically
stored in a cookie, which the Flash object may not be sending. You may
want to look for a mailing list more specific to the Flash component.

--Matt Jones