:swf_params doesn't work in the newest ckeditor version

I have file manager in my app and I need to upload the file to the
folder by the name of models.I change the :url and :path options like
  class Ckeditor::Picture < Ckeditor::Asset
    has_attached_file :data,
                      :url => "/ckeditor_assets/
                      :path => ":rails_root/public/ckeditor_assets/
                      :styles => { :content => '575>', :thumb =>
'80x80#' }

    validates_attachment_size :data, :less_than=>2.megabytes

I have defined the interpolates in config/initializers/paperclip.rb
like below:
  Paperclip.interpolates :pagename do |attachment, style|

  Paperclip.interpolates :basename_style do |attachment, style|
    if style.to_s=="original"

Then Add a method named page_name in Ckeditor::Asset:
  class Ckeditor::Asset < ActiveRecord::Base
    def page_name

Now I think it will work after added the :swf_params option:
f.cktext_area :content, :height=>'200px', :swf_params=>{:assetable_type
=> 'Article', :assetable_id => @article.id} %>

But very disappointed with result,it doesn't work.I found the error
cause by the code in the file vendor/plugins/rails-ckeditor/lib/
   output_buffer << javascript_tag("if
(CKEDITOR.instances['#{element_id}']) {
        CKEDITOR.remove(CKEDITOR.instances['#{element_id}']);} else
{ #{ckeditor_applay_options(ckeditor_options)} });")

The below js in the page is generated by the code and the condition if
(CKEDITOR.instances['article_content_editor']) alway returns false, so
the :swf_params options is alway of no avail:
<script type="text/javascript">
if (CKEDITOR.instances['article_content_editor']) {

CKEDITOR.remove(CKEDITOR.instances['article_content_editor']);} else
{ filebrowserBrowseUrl: '/ckeditor/files',language: 'en',width:
'100%',filebrowserUploadUrl: '/ckeditor/create/file',height:
'200px',filebrowserImageBrowseUrl: '/ckeditor/
images',filebrowserImageUploadUrl: '/ckeditor/create/
image',swf_params: { assetable_type: 'Article',assetable_id:
901130968 } });

How to fix this question?

I forgot wrote the plugin I using is rails-ckeditor. sorry :slight_smile: