Support & Consultants

Quoting Joe J <>:

We are preparing to build a new Web site and the potential consultant we may be hiring has strongly recommended that we don't go with our initial planning with but go with Ruby on Rails. We are not familiar with Ruby but understand their is a strong on-going interest with its development and use. Our concern is that if we need consulting services in the future, are their local consultants (Pittsburgh PA general region and neighboring states) to support us.

Our implementation will involve an integration with our MS Dynamics Solomon SQL DB to populate information about our inventory on to our Web Site and a Future integration with MS CRM 3.0 for Sales quoting again using the Web Site to obtain the inventory info from the Solomon SQL DB.

I would appreciate any thoughts on this approach as well as hearing from consultant / developers in our geographical area that could be available to consult in the future.

If you are integrating with Microsoft CRM and Microsoft Dynamics, go with .NET. Rails is easier to develop with, but for sure .NET is better integrated with other Microsoft products.