Subdomain fu woes

I'm using subdomain_fu successfully and generating subdomain routes
like this:

map.city_root '',:controller => 'cities', :action =>
'index', :conditions => { :subdomain => /.+/ }

using it in a view:
<%= link_to, city_root_path(:subdomain => city.subdomain)%>

that works well, now I can't figure out how to generate a nested route
with subdomain,

trying any combination of the form user_path(@user,:subdomain =>
city.subdomain) does nothing excepnt append a parameter at the end of
the url like this:

help is greatly appreciated guys!

Found the fix, it is a bug with the subdomain_fu plugin.

the solution may be found here

In addition to the fix you found, you may also want to check out this patch.

I wrote that because of a recent site I built with 18 subdomains and not wanting to write out all those links by hand.

In your case above you could define a to_params method on User to return the hash (including the subdomain) and then just do user_path(@user) and it will do the right thing.

Anyway, see the ticket for more info.