Statusify: An open-source web-application status app, written entirely in Ruby on Rails.

Hi Everyone! I’m Umang Raghuvanshi, and I’ve made Statusify, which is a web-application status app, written in Rails. It aims to be fast, reliable and awesome. Statusify is like one of those apps you run on status.*.com. It informs your about current service incidents, and keeps them updated. Statusify also has support for private incidents, for matters that might not concern the public and are best kept private, say within an organization. I’ve got a demo here. I was looking for contributors, who are interested in Statusify. I have managed Microsoft BizSpark sponsorship for the project, and there will be perks for core contributors. If you’re interested in joining, reply here or send a mail to uumangisme. I’ll be looking forward to hear from you.

Cheers, Umang.

What are "service incidents"?

Your demo login doesn't work for me ("Bad email or password."), and the current home view tells me nothing about what kind of data you're trying to expose.

By service incidents, I mean that you can use Statusify to report downtime on your web service, inform users of scheduled maintainence and stuff. I'd like to apologize for the credentials not working, but that's fixed now. Thanks for having a look.

Hi, Its a pleasure to talk with you…

Exactly on which platform this will work ?

Can this be use as a IAAS model , as a part of IT infrastructure on cloud base ?