starting with RoR

Why is mySQL not the typical default DB?

Because SQLite is easier to install/maintain on a developer’s machine. It’s easy enough to switch to MySQL when creating a project:

rails my_project -d mysql

I’m used to building up tables by hand…I’m aware there is a faster way

of doing it in RoR - should I be old fashioned and comfortable or plunge

right in to the Ruby way?

Look in to ActiveRecord Migrations and “rake db:migrate”. When you say “building up tables” if you mean initial data entry, look in to ActiveRecord Seed data and “rake db:seed”.

Hosting companies? Can anyone recommend any cheap development servers,

that we can all work remotely?

In the UK, I’d recommend - outside the UK, you’d need to give more information on where you are :slight_smile:

Prob inane questions - but my experience with RoR is zero!

I’m sure we’ll all help you on here. Providing you post detailed questions (including any error messages, what you’ve tried etc) you’re bound to get helpful answers.