starting ruby on rails with multiple applications


I'm using Fedora Core 5 Linux with the latest version of Ruby on Rails. I'm just learning it, but let's say I've created two rails applications in the directories

application1/ application2/

I can "cd" to application1 and run "ruby script/server" to start that application. But then must I do this for "application2" as well? Is there a generic way of starting all ruby-on-rails applications at once?

Thanks, - Dave

I had a need of something like that once, so I came up with this scheme:

In each rails folder, I create three files:   app_start   app_stop   app_restart

app_start and app_stop contain the shell script calls necessary to
start the particular application. So if you are using Mongrel,
app_start might look something like

mongrel_rails start -p 3010 -e production -d

and app_stop would look like

mongrel_rails stop

That way each app_start/stop pair is specific to the application, but
general enough to be called via a universal script. Then I created
the universal script that would descend into the directory where all
the rails apps were (/var/www in this case), and if there was an
app_start, exec it. I named the script rails_ctrl and it looks like

#! /usr/bin/ruby

# This script is used to launch all rails apps after a restart. It
assumes that each # app will have a file named app_start in the project's root
directory. This file needs # to call mongrel_rails or mongrel_cluster with the proper parameters.

action = action ||= '<none>' action = action.downcase

app =

if !['start', 'stop', 'restart'].include?(action)   puts "rails_ctrl: Invalid action: #{action}"   exit end

root_dir = '/var/www/' dirs = Dir.entries(root_dir) dirs.each do |dir|   if !['.', '..'].include?(dir) && dir == (app || dir)     d = "#{root_dir}#{dir}"     if       f = "#{d}/app_#{action}"       if File.file?(f)         Dir.chdir(d)         puts "Performing #{action} action on #{dir}..."         system(f)       end     end   end end

This was just hacked together one day to suit my purposes, so it may
have some holes in it. Feel free to take it and modify to fit your

Peace, Phillip