Stack traces when using render

Hi all,

I recently spent an interesting hour trying to figure out why a particular render wasn’t working. I was getting the error message:

syntax error, unexpected ‘)’, expecting ‘=’

The line that was “failing” (that is, the very first line in the stack trace produced) looked like this:

<%= render student %>

The error, of course, wasn’t there; it was in the partial that “student” corresponded to (the layout “/users/_user.html.erb”). Once I realized this, it took all of three seconds to find a typo I had made.

I think this is a bit of a usability issue – is there any way I could configure (or patch) Rails to get the stacktrace to show me the partial that was failing, rather than the penultimate (and perfectly fine) layout?

I hope I’m explaining this issue coherently.



You are. I don't disagree with your sentiment here. Even with the better_errors gem this isn't shown. I end up tailing the log files which does show the actual error messages.