Stack traces from plugins missing in Rails 2.3?

Has anyone experienced that stack traces are missing when exceptions
are raised in plugin code? We started having this issue when upgrading
from Rails 2.1 to Rails 2.3.2. If I move the code into the application
I get the stack trace back. Any ideas what could be causing this? How
is Rails interfering with the the stack trace? Any pointers would be


Peter Marklund

I can't replicate this here - I created a dummy class in a plugin,
with a method that raised an exception, then called that method in a
controller method from the app. I see the stack track in the response.

Sorry, I hadn't seen the new BackTraceCleaner class and I was
enlightened by a friend about this post:

I'm not sure cleaning out plugin backtraces is a good default setting
though as others are bound to have debugging nightmares similar to
mine. I have never been too bothered by long stacktraces Rails, but I
suppose since this feature was introduced, a lot of people have.