SSL plugin

HAppy new year.

I was trying to turn on SSL. On trying to install the plugin for ssl I
get an error message that the plugin was not found. Any one with an
alternative can help me out.

This is what I used to instalthe plugin on my version 1.8.6 ruing on a
windows platform.

ruby script/plugin install ssl_requirement

Thank you


Could you share the error message what you receive while executing that command


The error mesage I get is
Plugin not found: ["ssl_requirement"]

Fernando Perez wrote:

In you application controller file add:

include SslRequirement

This does not respond to the OP's actual problem (and one I now have).

At the terminal I see:

Fritz Anderson wrote:

At the terminal I see:

$ ruby script/plugin install ssl_requirement
Plugin not found: ["ssl_requirement"]

... and the answer is that the one source repository built into
script/plugin was down, or somehow dropped ssl_requirement. The solution
is to look at other repositories:

hi rubies,
                       I'm very new to ROR. I'm following some tutorial
for enabling SSL for my rails apllication. In that they have given
plugin installation command like

script/plugin install ssl_requirement

(I'm entering this within my app and i have include ssl_requirement in
my apllication.rb)

When i enter that in my console it gives error like this

/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/timeout.rb:60:in `rbuf_fill': execution expired

I don't know what is that where i'm making mistake..... it will be
helpful if you guide me.......