SSL on Rails 3

Been looking at different pages on google about using SSL on Rails 3. I have been using ssl_requirement prior to Rails 3. Wondering if ssl_requirement will still work on Rails 3 (anyone used)? Or whether to go the way of the new router. If so, is there a way to tell it to just make everything ssl?

I have tried this code in my router but at lest in dev mode does not seem to work. Curious what people are doing in actuality. I like ssl_requirement as it made things pretty transparent.

MyApp::Application.routes.draw do

class SslConstraint
def self.matches?(request)

scope :constraints => SslConstraint do
resources :user_sessions
resources :users
resources :practices
resources :password_resets
resources :home
# Other SSL routes go in here

AND alternatively:

resources :users, :constraints => { :protocol => “https” }