SQLite2 version in CI?

Can someone tell me which version of sqlite is used on the CI machine? (Or, even better, how to find out?)

I'm seeing what looks like a bug in my 2.8.17 for the last_insert_rowid() function with the high PKey IDs that the test fixtures receive.

Cheers, Jason

2 and 3. Look at the environment info output at the end of the build log.

Ah, the end of the build log. Thanks Chad!

So now I'm confused, because my test fails with the same versions of
SQLite2 and same sqlite-ruby gem as the CI machine. I can reproduce
the bug in last_insert_rowid() directly in SQLite2 (by using those
large ids) so I have to conclude that the CI machine is not generating
the same large ids.

Maybe this is a rake version issue, my rake is 0.8.4 and the CI's is
0.8.3. Is rake the thing that generates those big fixture ids? More
digging (unless someone who is still reading knows :slight_smile:

If you want to temporarily add a build pointing at your repo for debug purposes, I can do it. Contact me offline...

-- Chad